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Our mission

Today, gig economy workers face many challenges. Some fundamental issues really stood out after countless hours of interviews and dozens of coffee chats with these modern hustlers:

  • They don't know how much they will make at the end of the week
  • They don't know if they are really doing that well (ratings and tips only give them a partial view of their performance)
  • They don't feel motivated to keep gigging because they don't feel supported

These problems are at the foundation of house of gigs, the first community-powered earnings tracker for gig workers.

By helping independent workers stay on top of their earnings every day, using the power of our community, we help the independent workforce take control of their gig life.

Our team

We are working on the future of the gig economy. Join us.


Product // Design

I named my home computers after World of Warcraft Alliance capital cities.


Co-Founder // Engineering

I am so addicted to sweatpants that one day I showed up to a VC meeting without noticing.


Co-Founder // Product

I had my face drawn on a coffee cup because the waiter didn't understand my name.

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We are here to answer all your questions about the gig economy, the platforms, the pay, income tracking, etc... Feel free to call us!

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