No-fee bank account for independent workers

We help you grow your income, handle your taxes and save for your future.

Your business account,
because yes, you need one.

Separate your personal and professional expenses to have a clear understanding of your business. It’s the best way to measure your real income.

Free VISA debit card, for all your business expenses.

Gather every business expense for a simple tracking of your actual income. Oh, and you have free access to the 32,000 ATMs in the MoneyPass© network.

Taxes are a pain. We’ve got your back.

With everything in one place, we do the prep work for a cleaner and better tax filing each year. On average, Uber drivers will save $1,500* or more on net earnings.

*Estimated tax deductions include gas, food, equipment, maintenance and other business expenses.

Automatically save
for what matters the most.

Our savings account yields a 1.85% APR*. Put money aside for your taxes and achieve your financial goals.

*Annual Percentage Rate

Follow your money, in real-time.

Receive notifications each time you get paid or use your card. Tracking your income and your expenses has never been easier.