House of gigs adds Starship to its marketplace

House of gigs adds Starship to its marketplace

Starship will provide House of gigs users a free and easy way to manage healthcare expenses

A new solution to set aside money for your personal healthcare expenses

By teaming up with Starship, an app that makes saving and paying for healthcare easier than ever before, House of gigs is now offering a no-fee HSA to its gig workers. As healthcare remains the number one policy concern for flexible workers in America, and providing Starship gives our users access to the healthcare benefits best fit for the way independent contractors work.

Starship's HSA functions like a personal savings account, but with unique tax advantages for eligible healthcare costs such as vision-related expenses or health & wellness purchases. Personal contributions into an HSA are tax-free and spending on eligible medical expenses are tax-free, helping reduce healthcare costs over time. The service will be paired with: (1) ongoing financial & healthcare education materials to better understand how to utilize an HSA; (2) an app that helps track health spending & savings; and (3) customer support to maximize long-term medical expense decision making.

“HSAs are the perfect companion for freelancers and individuals and are one of the most important tools to help people save for unexpected medical expenses,” says Sean Engelking, Co-founder and CEO of Starship. “The changing nature of work means that promoting the right solution is absolutely critical to help people get ahead.”

"Being a Starship partner is a wonderful opportunity for House of gigs users. Accessing a great service will help our community members build their savings and pay for their healthcare expenses,” says Matthias Halimi, Co-founder and COO of House of gigs. “We always thrive to put the best benefits in the hands of gig economy workers"

This new Starship service can be found on the “Services” tab in the House of gigs app. As usual, our team is always here to help with any questions at [email protected]!

About Starship

Starship is a health savings account built from the ground-up to serve the way people work today. It pairs a completely hassle-free, no-fee HSA with the industry’s first automated advisory service. It hosts a suite of innovative financial wellness tools to help people manage their healthcare spend, tailored specifically for the future of work. Starship launched in 2017 and is headquartered in New York City. Learn more:


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