How the right mobile banking can help gig workers

How the right mobile banking can help gig workers

Banking on your mobile should be easy and quick

3 reasons why mobile banking is so important to gig workers

You know it better than most people: your smartphone has become essential. Many rely on their smartphone to chat, share photos and look at people eating super spicy food on Youtube. Sure, that’s fun and we sometimes do it too at house of gigs, especially Matteo, our superstar designer. Sorry Matteo!

But for gig workers like yourself, it’s much more. So much more. It’s how you make a living. It’s how you can bring your child to that theme park nearby. It’s how you can visit your grandmother in Vermont. It’s how you can pay back your student loans. More often that not, that device is a lifeline.

We know that most banks out there don’t understand you. They have asked you to adopt their services without really adapting their products to you and to be honest, it is not right.

Your time is precious

You get paid when you work. You do not get paid when you wait in line at a branch for 30 minutes. As you are always on the move, understanding how your finances look like everywhere you go is a must for you.
Managing your cash entirely on your smartphone allows you to spend less time hassling and more time earning. Stopping these visits to the branch, even just once a month, can mean hundreds of dollars more in your bank account at the end of the year!

Banking needs to be easy

You are very busy during the day. Always in between deliveries, rides, and other tasks. You can’t afford to spend too long to get the information you need. That’s why we believe mobile banking should be super ultra simple. If you need to go offline from the platform (Uber, GrubHub, etc…) to check your available balance or transfer money to your friends or family, it probably is a sign that your bank mobile app is not optimal. At the end of the year, all this idle time will add up.
Seeing your balance, transferring money or locating the closest free ATM on your phone, all of this should take no more than 30 seconds.

“So... how about these overdraft fees?”

You are hustling during the day and sometimes at night also. You come home tired after long hours. You have dealt with some pretty tough customers. You just want to rest in peace at home.
We will take a wild guess here but one of the last things you probably want is a call from your bank. A bank telling you about your recent overdraft fees or that you will get charged monthly maintenance fees because you did not meet their requirements. At house of gigs, we don’t like that. Not a single bit. That’s why we will send you notifications when your balance is low and make sure you don’t go overdrawn and don’t get fees. Period. No fees mean no worries.

Let’s build together the mobile banking experience you deserve!

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