You can lift and want to earn extra cash? Check Easymove!

You can lift and want to earn extra cash? Check Easymove!

Demand from consumers and businesses create lots of moving gig opportunities

Easymove: A cool new logistics company valuing its movers

As you know we are always working hard to aggregate all interesting gigs and make them easy for you to find, wherever you live. We love companies that are growing fast, constantly looking for people and ready to hire people as long as they meet the minimum requirements.
Companies like Easymove are definitely companies we are interested.

Easymove is a company connecting drivers and movers to people and businesses. They are still small as they currently operate in 5 cities: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Austin. If your city is not listed, keep an eye out for them as we know they are growing fast!

They have similar requirements to other moving/logistics companies. You need to be at least 18 years of age, you need a large vehicle (Pickup truck, Cargo Van or a Box truck) and pass a background check.

Other than that, we like Easymove for 3 main reasons:

  • Earnings: Because a lot of the gigs are coming from businesses and the tasks are bigger, the earnings tend to be much higher than some other apps. They told us that $250 is the average earnings per delivery so not bad at all!
  • Bargaining: A cool thing they do is allowing the mover to bargain on the price directly with the customer. If you think that the price is too low, you can directly message the customer with a higher price. That's more control going to the mover so we like that!
  • Training: Easymove offers some quick training to make sure you can do a great job on your first moving job.

    While Easymove is still growing, we already like it because they value their movers giving them higher earnings and more control.

    Check them out on house of gigs now and if interested, just apply! It's a short form that will take less than 1 minute.

    For full disclosure, house of gigs is not getting any type of commissions or payments from Easymove to promote them on our blog. We just feel that they are doing a good job and wanted to highlight a company putting some efforts in treating its workers with respect.

    As usual, if you have any comments, feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Just shoot us an email at [email protected].

    Thank you,
    The house of gigs team
    We're here for independent workers you.

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