Pay transparency in the gig economy is coming!

Pay transparency in the gig economy is coming!

Information about pay in the gig economy has always been very hard to find

Ever wondered how much people make in the gig economy? Well, wonder no more...

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How much other rideshare drivers make?
  • How much can I make on Rover, Jyve or Postmates?
  • Everybody talks about Amazon and Grubhub these days but how much do they make?
  • How much other gigs pay in my city?

    If yes then you are not alone. In fact, pretty much everyone involved in the gig economy asks these "how much" questions every single day.

    Many potential explanations why this is the case but a few come to mind:

  • You all work different hours in different cities with different pay rates on different platforms so your earnings will really be unique. Some of you earn have a high tip to income ratio, some of you barely see tips coming their way.
  • Gig companies communicate on an amount workers make per day or per week. Not picking on any companies but are these statements "Earn up to $30 per hour" or "Make $2,000 per week" accurate? We think there are times these may be correct if you put in the hours and/or are lucky and/or experienced. But in general, it is safe to say there might be a bit of exaggeration here, right?
  • Not knowing what others make in your gig or in other gigs makes you less subject to change or add an additional gig. Because you don't know whether you will make more or less, you tend to stick to your current gig.

    We want to change that for all gig economy workers!

    Introducing the earnings feed to help gig workers finally get more pay information!

    We launched the first version of our earnings tracker last month. And we have received lots of positive feedback so far. That's very encouraging so we are now working hard to make it a lot easier, more comprehensive and faster to stay on top of your earnings and reach your goals.

    With the earnings feed, we want to give the power back to you and make the pay data easy to understand and more transparent.
    For many of you, money is the main driver. We get it. Whether it is to pay your bills, save for your kids' college or take a trip of a lifetime to Europe, gigs bring the money you need to achieve these goals. So we decided to make the earnings feed available to everyone starting today. Remember it's our first crack at it: we know there are a lot of things we can do much better.

    Finally a way to know how much your fellow side hustlers are making!

    IMPORTANT: Do you want to know more about your performance, about your peers' earnings or about your city average? Then start tracking today as we will release exclusive features and data ONLY available for members tracking their earnings on our app in September. And yes, it will be free!

    Join the movement today 👉Download the latest version of our app, log-in or sign up (it takes less than 1 minute!) and you you will see the feed directly on the home page.

    If you have any questions or suggestions to make this more useful for you, we would love to hear from you. Just shoot us an email today at [email protected] and let us know what you are thinking!

    Thank you,
    The house of gigs team
    We're here for independent workers you.

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