A sleeker and better way to track your daily earnings!

A sleeker and better way to track your daily earnings!

A new design to help you set a goal, track your earnings and achieve your goals

Introducing a new look: Your gig earnings. Simplified!

Let's be real: our previous app served its purpose well but it was time to do something different. At least, that's what some of you told us and what some of us at house of gigs thought as well.

We want to be the earnings manager for all gig economy workers, hustlers, independent workers, so seamless earnings management in our app became super important for us. So over the past few weeks, we decided to revamp the experience a bit A LOT .

What's different now?

The app looks a bit different today but should also be a lot more simple. From today, you will only see 3 tabs at the bottom of the app: Home, Insights, and Activity.

To get started, we help you define your daily goal so you know exactly how much you need to make to cover your business expenses (car payment, insurance, gas, etc...) and generate the money you want. It takes 20 seconds to set this up and you only need to do it once!

The new Home tab will show you your progress towards your daily goal. You will also be able to quickly add earnings and check your previous day's earnings simply by scrolling down.

The Insights tab is where the magic will happen! You will be able to access unique data about your gigs and other potential gigs. Here, you will see your daily earnings streak (how many consecutive working days you have hit your daily goal), your rankings among the community as well as rankings on top-paying gigs. We want to make it easier for you to understand how you are doing and where new opportunities are. If you see a high-paying gig you want to try out, you can also apply from that screen.

Finally, the Activity tab will be the hub where you will find all communication from house of gigs. You will be able to access the notifications, find blog posts and other useful resources.

You will need to download the latest version of our mobile app to access all that! CLICK HERE to download or update the mobile app.

We hope that you will like it! Tell us what you like, don't like or would like so we can build the best earnings manager together! Feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] with your thoughts and we will be right with you.

Thank you,
The house of gigs team
We're here for independent workers you.


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