House of gigs

Our mission

Our team comes from a recruitment background, combining a total of 8 years working with the largest companies. We've seen the world migrating towards the gig economy. People are looking for more flexibility and freedom. And at the same time, access to full-time jobs remains challenging, with high barriers to entry.

We think the gig economy is an awesome way to make money, whether it is done full-time or in between jobs. Being free to decide your own schedule is a huge advantage, but governments don't provide the necessary structures yet as this economy is very recent.

After talking with lots of drivers and couriers we identified some emerging concerns:

  1. Lack of consistency between rides or deliveries
  2. No employment protection
  3. No health or even car coverage
  4. Misinformation about all the gig opportunities (startups being created and disappearing at a fast pace)

At the end of the day, gig workers are entrepreneurs and they need a solid framework to grow their business.

That's the reason why we built House of gigs: we want it to be your daily personal assistant. It's built for workers by workers. The functionalities we create are decided with you and that's the way we want it. Feel free to let us know about any features, ideas, and problems that come across. We'll do our best to bring the features you want to life and help make you grow as entrepreneurs.